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Scawfell Street: design studio, printing press, art gallery. Serving fresh coffee as well as fresh books, prints and zines designed by the studios residents and artists from all over the world.


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  1. Scawfell Street is proud to be hosting The Magic Book of Nightmares exhibition on July the 4th from 6:30pm till 9:30 pm

    Its the latest offering from Belly Kids and features work from Luke Pelletier, Marc Martin, Mariana Moyses, James Clapham, Philip Morgan, Ohara Hale, Brooke Olsen, Sam Ailey, Paul Ascot, Stu Ross, Josh Wiley, Sheryo and the Yok, Chaos Vs Cosmos, Juliana Futter, Dillon Froelich, Jangojim, James Burgess, Murray Somverville, Daisy Wolff-Whitehouse, William Daw and Mike Kilkelly.

    Come join us for a night of deranged fun, frightful art works, free drinks and a killer line up.

    Cover work by Luke Pelletier

    Second work by Paul Arscott

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